Step out Sheffield

Gleadless Health Walk


Wednesday 12:30 meet at the bus stop by Gleadless Medical Centre, 363 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, S14 1PQ.  


We generally set off in two or three groups (a short walk for those who have a fair amount of difficulty walking and may use walking sticks, a medium length walk for those who can walk a bit further, and a 'long' walk for those who can walk fairly easily for up to an hour).

When we've finished walking we tend to meet at the Community Hall and whoever arrives first put the kettle on and fetch the milk for tea and coffee.

Sometimes or or more groups of walkers may catch a bus and walk in another part of the city and catch the bus back again.

At other times, if we plan ahead, we may arrange other outings a bit further afield.

It's very rare that we don't walk. Rain and snow and wind don't generally put us off, but we may decide not to walk if conditions seem dangerous, for instance, if the footpaths are icy.

Buses:  1, 1a, 13, 40, 41, 56, 252, 10, 10a, 51 (watch out! Some are infrequent - others go round the houses!).

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