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Volunteering Opportunities

If you have good people skills and enjoy the great outdoors, you might like to help our award-winning scheme by training to become a volunteer walk leader.

Helping other volunteer walk leaders deliver a health walk provides a great opportunity to enjoy the best of Sheffield's green spaces whilst helping to keep the walkers safe and making sure they are integrating socially.

If you are able to support a particular walk on a reasonably regular basis, you will enjoy the benefits that come from widening your social network and making friends with other volunteers and with walkers. The social side of these walks is very important and we like to encourage a bit of banter before, during and after the walk.

To become a registered Walking for Health volunteer walk leader you need to attend a one-day training course. However, before you can get a place on one of our training courses you must attend at least one of our walks and get your application form signed by one of the leaders. We ask you to do this because Health walks are unlike rambles or other long walks that run occasionally. Health walks are regular weekly events that last for only an hour, often less. Some people who enjoy walking and can comfortably complete a four-hour hike in Derbyshire might like the idea of volunteering on a weekly health walk but when they attend the walk they find the pace uncomfortably slow or the distances travelled rather restrictive.

As our walks become more and more popular Step out Sheffield need more leaders to keep the walkers safe. Also, we would very much like to expand our programme. In particular we would like to start walks at all the new Move More Clinical Assessment Centres (High Green, Concord and Graves) as soon as possible.

Our volunteers enjoy a quarterly programme of events and access to other training opportunities. We also provide a logo’d fleece and a hi viz jacket. There is no upper age limit for volunteers and if you are not in the best of health that doesn’t matter either – a majority of walkers (and leaders for that matter) have a health issue of one sort or another. All you need is a love of nature, the ability to talk and walk at the same time and, ideally, a sense of humour.

Download an application form today via this link >>>>> Volunteering Application Form.doc >>>>>Volunteering Application Form.pdf

Or request an application form by emailing or telephoning Carol on 07505639524.

Our most recent training courses were on 14th August, 15th October and 4th December 2018. The next training course will probably be in April or early May 2019.

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